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International Graduate Studies in Mechatronics · University of Siegen · Germany

International Graduate Studies in Mechatronics

The International Graduate Studies in Mechatronics are offered as interdisciplinary courses by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Siegen.

Awarded Degree
Master of Science (4 semesters; 2 years)

Duration of Program
2 years divided into 4 semesters. Courses start in mid-October each year

Medium of Instruction


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering/Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology
  • "Diplom-Ingenieur" (degree from a University of Applied Sciences/"Fachhochschule")

Either of the above degrees must be awarded in the subjects Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics. Applicants must have above average scores in the degree obtained.

Language Requirements
English Proficiency Certificate: TOEFL iBT: min. 87, or IELTS: Band 5-6. The TOEFL code number for the University of Siegen is 8429.

Language Courses
Participation in German language courses is compulsory for foreign students.

Mechatronics curriculum

  • 1st and 2nd semester: graduate courses in Control and System Theory, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering with the corresponding laboratories
  • 3rd semester: Advanced Control Theory, Applied Computer Science and Mechatronics
  • 4th semester: Master Thesis in one of the active research groups of the department

(Grades and credit points are based on the European Credit Transfer System, ECTS)

Research fields
see homepages of the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences http// and of Mechanical Engineering http//

Tuition fees: none

Financial requirements
The following costs are to be covered by the student’s own financial resources:

  • Enrolment/Social fees (currently € 230 per semester)
  • compulsory health insurance (approx. € 60.00 per month)
  • accommodation (approx. € 250 per month plus a deposit of approx. € 500)
  • living expenses (approx. € 450)
Please note that the University of Siegen does not offer any scholarships.

Online Application

    The application deadline for the winter semester 2015/2016 is April 30, 2015. The online application form will no longer be available after this date.
Click here to get the application form

    Important! Please note:

    We will only accept applications which are submitted using the electronic Internet-based procedure.

    Each applicant must have a unique email address which will be used for identification. We cannot accept applications with the email address of agencies acting on behalf of the applicant.

    Applicants will receive further information after submitting the electronic application form. All correspondence will be sent to the email address given on the application form.

    Please do not send any further documents or letters until you are asked to do so. Applicants who do not follow these rules cannot be considered.

Documents required
Documents should only be sent upon request after successful application.
The requested documents include:

  • Certificate of final university degree (attested copy)
  • Certificate of academic record/consolidated marks sheet (attested copy)
    If the original documents are not in English or German, an English or German translation (attested copy) must be provided
  • English proficiency test certificate, e.g. TOEFL test certificate (the university TOEFL code number is 8429) or IELTS test.
  • Personal data sheet (CV)

Please note:

  • Chinese applicants are strongly recommended to ask at the German Embassy in Beijing for the accreditation of their application documentation. The University of Siegen cannot accept applications without the corresponding certificate of approval.
  • Concerning Indian applicants: All marks sheets and degree certificates (transcripts) must be sent through proper channel (original college).

PhD Program
The MSc degree enables students to pursue their studies in order to obtain a PhD degree, e.g. within the International Postgraduate Program (IPP) at the University of Siegen.

General information about the University of Siegen can be found at and at

If you have questions concerning the program, please contact the Mechatronics Office:

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