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17th - 18th September 2009
University of Siegen / ZPE

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Taking the debate about the development of early education as a basis and referring to the political objective of inclusion and equality of opportunity for children with disability within Europe, the project aims to make a contribution to support early educators who work in the field of inclusive education of children with special educational needs aged 3-6 years. In a first step the different national contexts and experiences in preschool education and in the work with educational frameworks within the partner countries will be described, compared and analyzed with special regard to the education of children with disabilities. On this basis, concrete support materials for educators in this field will be developed: Suggestions about the interpretation of existing common educational frameworks with regard to special educational needs and suggestions about the performance of an atmosphere and environment that foster inclusion. Methodical hints about planning and implementation of individual assistance and support of children in an inclusive setting will be part of this materials, as well as concrete suggestions (in the sense of ‘best-practice’ examples) about the organisation of learning opportunities for children on very different developmental levels.

A central aim of the support materials is the connection to and compatibility with existing common educational frameworks in the field of early education. This is important to support the development of preschool institutions within Europe towards accessibility and good education for all children.


"ECEIS - Early Childhood Education in Inclusive Settings"

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